The Events sponsored by the club appeal to a variety of interests and include social gatherings, local tours, educational programs as well as the Activity Groups identified in the pane to the right.  Current events include.

  • Restaurant Outings ( Dinner Bunch - Monthly Activity                                               Coordinator Ann Ohren )                                                        ( Happy Hour - Monthly Activity                                                  Coordinator Jan Fetzner )
  • Pot Luck Dinners     ( Monthly Activity                                                                           Coordinator Barbara Balfour )

  • Women's Potlucks    ( Monthly Activity                                                                          Coordinator Barbara Balfour )

  • Garden Club ( Seasonal                                                                                       Coordinator Michelle Hartz )
  • Local Area Tours ( Scheduled based upon club member                                     interests )

Activity Groups

Club members enjoy a variety of Activity Groups sponsored by the club.  Current groups include:

  • Photo Walking Group ( temporarily inactive )


Aerial View of Bellingham Washington

Newcomers & Neighbors of Whatcom County is a 501(c)(7) Social Club organization. P.O. Box 30863 Bellingham WA 98228

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